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Course Details

On this course you will learn the techniques required to safely and efficiently use in a file (Electric File) to take the hard work out of maintenance, avoid RSI and reduce treatment times – allowing you to work more cost effectively.

A professional quality Efile is recommended (you should bring an Efile with you to training).

We recommend some brands such as Saeying (K38 or K35), the Gelbottle, DND and Kupa. Cheaper files from eBay/Amazon are not suitable for a professional treatment and can be uncomfortable for your client.

It is important that your Efile feels comfortable for both you and your client, does not vibrate during use, has variable speeds, will accept standard size bits and comes with warranty.


You will learn how to use your E-File to:

  • Remove Gel Polish from overlays/enhancements
  • Debulk product
  • Reduce length
  • Cuticle skin work
  • Natural nail preparation
  • Refining product ready for infill
  • Remove top coat ready for gel polish removal
  • Safe removal


You will also learn:

  • What the different Efile bits are used for
  • How your Efile works
  • Hygiene for your Efile and Clients
  • How the Efile can speed up your treatment time
  • Why it is safer for your client
  • How it prevents RSI

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Kelly Ashby Nail Academy ABT accredited certificate.



Please come to training with enhancements/overlays with gel polish (bright colours please) that have been on for 2 to 3 weeks. Just gel polish on its own is not sufficient for training. Students work on each other; no models are required.



A kit is not provided. Please contact me if you would like recommendations for Efiles. Do not worry about Efile ‘Bits’. I provide many different brands for you to try during training and I also have some available for you to purchase.

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